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I was very inspired the days we were away on our anniversary trip.

The house was very beautifully decorated, and while not totally my style, I loved it.  

There was no clutter in that place.  Of course, no one lives there.  There was no mail to deal with or pets, or newspapers, no schoolwork - just uncluttered spaces.  The thing that was so peaceful about it was that I was coming from a small cottage that had just celebrated Christmas and a wedding.  For months the wedding clothes and serving items and centerpieces had been stacked up or hanging in my bedroom. Visually, I was on overload.

Tim, too, mentioned how peaceful it felt, and we talked about how while our home is, under normal circumstances, mostly uncluttered, we do have areas of clutter.  Have I mentioned that we run our business out of the house?  We have done pretty well to keep it in Tim's office but on occasion the paperwork and mail pile up on the kitchen counter, and with the kitchen and living room basically in one big, open space, it gets visually cluttered quickly, if we allow things to pile up on the counter. So we are working on organizing the office to have better functionality, and we are committed to putting things where they belong. (I already sort mail immediately when it comes in.  Any junk goes into our burnable trash bin)

Another area of inspiration was in the touches of  natural items.  Now being historic places and a vacation house, they use very nice artificial greenery, plants, and in colonial style, fruit.

It was so pretty and made a big impact on the feel of the locations.  The candles, greens, fruit all were welcoming, and felt like thoughtful touches.

I want to incorporate more plants in my home this year.  I used to use a lot of artificial plants, but over time I got ride of those and now am trying to add live plants.  I have a Pathos that I moved from the mantle in the living room at Christmastime.  I put it in my bedroom and loved it in there.  Now that Christmas is over until December, I have moved it back into the living room.  I do, however plan to get a plant for my room too!  I also have a mother fern and an aloe vera plant.  I think a touch of a live plant in each room would be wonderful!  So that is a goal for this year.

I also was inspired by the beautifully made beds, (I'm a huge fan of beautifully made beds!) nice window treatments, rugs underfoot on the wood floors.  These are all elements that I can do or update in my home.  Also, the towels were amazing!  Thick, soft, fluffy!  Wow!

I love keeping my home and I feel ready to organize, rearrange, beautify my home.  After living here for 14 years, it needs some updating and refreshing.   Also with the girls having separate rooms for the first time ever, there is the fun of a fresh start in their rooms.  While they will be works in progress, it will be really fun to create rooms that are personal to each girl.

Have you been inspired lately, in your home or for your home?  Do you have any projects for this year? 


  1. Clutter...an ongoing issue here. John does not see the need to put away anything if it is just going to be used in another while. I'm still working on him! Ha! Notice how easily I avoided any mention of my own clutter. Ahem.

    It's always good to identify the problem and decide how best to improve it. Painting those kitchen cabinets is something that needs doing. I just haven't felt well enough for the past two years, but I think it could happen this spring. My daughter-in-law painted her cabinets fall 2015 and they look so fresh and fine that she has given me inspiration.

  2. "Inspiration" is right! Currently, I'm a bit un-inspired myself, but that doesn't keep me from applauding YOURS :)

  3. Mrs. Rabe,

    That place looks so divine. I love it. How refreshing. I remember when I went to Gatlinburg, TN for our 15th anniversary how inspired I felt by the cleanliness and clutter free the cabin was. It was treat and when I returned home it made me scout for a cheap quilt for our bedding. I did luck up and found one. Another thing (this may seem silly) I loved was the way they named the cottages and cabins. That inspired me to name our little home and even made a wooden hanger with the name on it for the porch. We moved from that home recently and so I may need to do that again. Bless you friend. I am so glad you had a refreshing time.

  4. I see you've started your trimming down with a new header. It does look calm! Those blue and white beds are wonderful. I love the partial covering at the head of the bed. What a cozy place to sleep. I know how it feels to be inspired when we're away from home, causing us to think of making changes. It sounds like you've already started! But just remember it does make a difference when a family lives in a home! :-)

  5. Yes...many...left from last year's inspiration that didn't get accomplished. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  6. How lovely that you had a time of refreshment.
    I'm in need of inspiration. This place where you stayed looks like my style. I like early American - especially for the uncluttered, warm feel. Add a home school and a home business and you have stuff and clutter - we've lived this way for nearly 20 years and have our ups and downs with the amount of clutter that builds. This post of yours has given me some inspiration and color. Thank you.

  7. It has been a long time and I am back in the loop of visiting! I love this post and the beds are beautiful. It is crazy but clutter bogs one down so much, and I really understand that so I am glad that you had the wedding and now can breathe again~I understand :).

    I am inspired to get back a bit to the blogworld, after a few years of not having the time to devote to it. I hope to get back to really getting to know my bloggity friends once again!


  8. I always have something in mind to do to the house! I have to wait on $$ as well as energy and that most precious commodity - TIME! This year we are looking for bunk beds for the guest room. We have already started the ball rolling since we took the mattress OFF the guest bed and brought it down to our camper where it will live out its days! I want a bunk bed with a double bottom and a twin top AND a trundle!!! I need to be able to sleep four little people in there! Of course there are other things I want to do with that room. Touch up the paint - it has red walls - and add wallpaper to the bottom of the walls and a new border. New curtains? Refinish the dresser.....paint the closet doors....new carpet....new blinds....

  9. One of the things I most enjoy about the New Year is the thought of once again having a "Fresh Start," I am in the planning stages right now!~smile~
    Loved the photos you have shared, great ideas, I too incorporate live house plants, and enjoy rooting from older plants!
    Looking forward to you sharing your new changes!

  10. Besides massive decluttering, I decided this morning to freshen the kitchen. Besides paint, I'd like a new overhead light fixture and I'm dreaming of a backsplash. Not a major redo, but it will really freshen things up. I seem to be in the kitchen more than before with THM.

  11. Keeping clutter under control is a constant around here, too. And books. I love a calm looking house. Adding plants is not only beautiful, but helps to clean the air in rooms, too. Looking forward to seeing what touches you come up with.

  12. That house would certainly inspire me!! ~~swoon~~

    But, I know what you mean. This time of year seems to always bring the desire for simplicity and organization and getting things in order. We don't have any major projects planned in the near future, but we are definitely in the clutter-reducing mode. Ron has even been getting things out of his shop! (What? Is this man my husband?)


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