Easter Preparations

Its kind of amazing that this is Easter week!  I am getting all the plans made for food - who is bringing what - with the family that will be here.

I'm also planning out my table decor.  Last year, we did a long tablescape and we all loved it.

I want to do something similar to this again this year, but I'm going with blue and white napkins, so that whatever I do will be tied in with those colors.

We are going to have ham, green bean casserole, fresh fruit salad, potato salad, deviled eggs.  Simple basic foods that we all like.

The kids will likely do an egg hunt.  With just Kyle and Kamryn, and maybe Klaire, that won't take long.  Maybe this year we'll do an adult egg hunt! 

I will definitely be making some on plan candies for myself so I can avoid temptation.

I'm responsible for the decor at our church's breakfast Easter day as well, so I am pulling together those items, too.

I like to have it all done so that I can slow down and remember why we are celebrating -  God's plan to redeem mankind.  What a beautiful gift He's given us.  It cost Him to save us, but it is a gift freely given.

What are your plans for Easter?


  1. YOUR plans sound sane and wonderful :)
    Our worship service will start at 8:45 and be done in time to serve a brunch. We've invited an elderly couple (well, more elderly than us) and their son to join my husband and father. I plan to make a breakfast casserole (eggs, hashbrowns and ham) in crockpot - my first time doing THAT and then a baked French toast with apples, etc. Our guests will bring fresh fruit. I'm looking forward to sharing our table with friends since our children and grands live quite a distance from us and have church responsibilities, etc. I wish you a Blessed Easter and happy family times, Deanna.

  2. I love seeing everyone's prep for Easter Sunday. It is such a wonderful day to prepare for. Your table looks lovely Deanna!

  3. Sounds as if an adult hunt would be fun...more participation. Beautiful table last year. I know it will be beautiful this...

  4. Our menu is mostly planned, but table decor/dishes . . . not at all!! It's been a busy and crazy time for us, but I'm not worried about it. I often get inspired at the last minute anyway. This is our last first holiday here at Pineapple House! After Resurrection Sunday, we will have celebrated every holiday/birthday here.

    I can't wait to see your blue and white table! It sounds quite pretty! (Last year, we used our Blue Willow dishes and accented with yellow and I really liked it. You can't go wrong with blue, I think!)

  5. Your table is beautiful. I am also going with blue and white with pops of Spring Colors in the mix. Adult egg hunt sounds great.

  6. Yes, looking forward to your blue table! Adult Easter egg hunt sounds like good exercise!

  7. Thank you for reminding me to plan the table! Our oven broke just two days ago, so I need to try to figure out a menu that uses the stove top and my crockpot, but if I have a pretty table no one will notice, right? ;) It will be just Husband and our five youngest (our oldest two and grands live far away), but my mom and Grandmom are joining us. This will be my Grandmom's first holiday since my Grandpop passed away, so we're hoping to make it enjoyable for her.


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