Lilacs In The Kitchen

 I went out this morning to cut lilacs. Its been raining off and on for several days and they were wet, but oh, so fragrant.

 I have two lilac bushes - one right outside the kitchen door, and one at the back of the house near the peony bushes.  I cut these from the one at the back of the house, since I more often cut from the one by the kitchen door.

 I'm delighted in how beautifully the lilacs are blooming this year.

 I love having fresh flowers in the house, too.

They add real beauty.

Now to decide.  Do I leave them at the kitchen sink or put them on the kitchen table.



  1. I would put them on the table… If you have a bush at the back door can you see it from your kitchen window? I love the scent and beauty of lilacs and wish we could grow them here.

  2. How beautiful they are! Anywhere is fine. 🙂 I am blessed that when my lilacs bloom, I can open the patio doors and allow the aroma to waft in. If I bring them in the house, I find the scent overwhelming and get a headache. I had a teacher like that who never liked the mounds of bouquets that her students brought her. We were all offended. Ha! Have the tulips come and gone?

  3. They would look and smell good in either place or both!
    They are so pretty!

  4. I brought a bouquet of lilacs in last night too! They smell so lovely and bring a touch of spring inside! I can't put mine on my table because our cat will knock them over so on the kitchen counter they go in a spot where he can't get to them!

  5. I can't wait for our lilacs to bloom, especially the wild ones lining some of the country roads. They don't last a long time but sure are beautiful and fragrant.
    I agree with Sylvia, a vase in both places - spread their beauty around.

  6. Love lilacs - the looks and the smell. Unfortunately, hubbie and all three grown children are super allergic to them. Oh, something to look forward to in heaven and enjoy seeing in blog pictures!

  7. Lilacs are perfect anywhere. Maybe you have enough to make two vases?

  8. They are lovely, a true sign of spring and fabulous wherever you set them, I'm sure!

  9. How about some of both...the lighting is phenomenal at the sink...the photos are stunning! I can't look at the or smell their fragrance without thinking of my sweet mom. We had them in out front yard. You don't see many lilac bushes here in NC, sad to say.

  10. Absolutely LOVE Lilacs. Love 'em. Ours have faded, but I look forward to them each year. Now I wait for the Irises. Yours are lovely!

  11. Ohhhh....this made my heart so happy...beautiful, beautiful lilacs..romantic and so very pretty!

  12. Gorgeous!! And sooooo fragrant! Mmmmmm . . .

    I'd put them on the table so they're the star of the show. But really, how can you go wrong with lilacs?


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