The New Netflix Anne Shirley....

Is NOT my Anne Shirley.

Warning!  This is not a scene from the book or from the original Anne Of Green Gables movie.  It is from Netflix.  Before you click the play button please make sure your children are not within hearing of this.

I'm angry.

I'm sharing this only because I want to warn people.  Many people will let their kids watch this thinking it will be like the books or the Kevin Sullivan movie, starring Megan Follows.  It is not.

I will be contacting Netflix to complain, and also to ask that they give a warning to parents regarding content.

We will not be watching this version.


  1. Good parenting requires diligence at all times. It is such a dark world.

    Thanks for the warning! How very sad that something that was originally inspiring and beautiful is reinvented to be base and ugly.

  2. How incredibly sad. Thank you for the warning.

  3. Unbelievable! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. That is outrageous! And there is no basis for it in the original stories. I am glad that you will be making a complaint.

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm no prude but that is outrageous. My eldest is 32, my youngest 10 and we love the books and Megan Follows is our Anne. I learned a long time ago to watch things before I let my children because there are often things many will be ok with their kid's seeing but that I am not. The pet mouse thing is almost worse than if they used the correct terminology, just awful. Thank you for the heads up and the reminder to be vigilant.

  6. It's sad, isn't it. Good for you to contact Netflix

  7. Oh My Goodness thanks for warning.

  8. Oh dear! I wonder if this was the priduvtuin's clumsy way of actually (ironically) highlighting how innocent adolescents were in Anne's time! (Imagine 14-year-olds today not knowing the "facts of life"! It could be that the scene is trying, very ineptly, to contrast kids then & now.) I also think it's pretty realistic that an orphan of Anne's time & place really *would* have been exposed to some inappropriate situations. To me the scene kind of highlights that historical reality, too--she's without parental protection, exposed to the unscrupulous. So I don't necessarily see this as a case of "smut for smut's sake." It seems to make a poignant but uncomfortable historical point. (I think the fact that bit is not a scene found in the novels is a separate issue--all film adaptations have to deal with what to leave out, condense, add in, etc.) But yeah, unfortunately this would raise questions with a younger viewer that it might not be time to address yet.

  9. I'm appalled. Didn't even finish the clip to know that this is a travesty of the original story.


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