Spring Flowers In The House

I found these beauties on Friday at my local Aldi.  They are not suitable for planting in the ground, but are beautiful for pots in the house or on the deck.

The white azalea is actually two plants so I am going to divide it!  I think I may buy one or two more hydrangea this week and then I'll be set for flowers on my deck for spring and summer.  I may need to keep one inside so I can have some beauty indoors this year, too!


  1. 🌿Very pretty...I hear so much about Aldis' stores. Wish we had one!

  2. Oh so springy and beautiful! That is my favorite color of hydrangea :)

  3. We both have flowers on the brain (or blog!) today. Love that Fleur pot...pretty.

  4. Beautiful spring blooms!! Delightful!!


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