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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Under the Weather

I wonder where that idiom came from anyway? Tuesday night I started to feel a little well, not well. Yesterday morning I felt good, but in the afternoon, I had a bad headache and need to rest. So I spent the evening resting in bed and much of this morning.
I don't feel great but I need to go teach my Jane Austen class today. My students and I are having such a great time, I do not want to miss it. Today we discuss the Netherfield Ball, Mr. Collins proposal to Lizzy, her rejection of said proposal, and the hasty departure from Netherfield, by Mr. Bingley's sisters, once he has gone to town. We are also going to learn abit about the culture of the day, by learning introductions. There was a whole hierarchy as to who could speak to whom, etc, and of course only if they were properly introduced!
Oh and back to my being under the weather, if you think of it, will you pray that this little bug that has been hanging around our family, will depart, never to return???? Thanks!

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  1. I wish I could teach a class on Jane Austen! I hope you are feeling better! Prayers!



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