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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn at My Cottage

Becky at Hospitality Lane asked me to show you some of my autumn decor.

Here is my chandelier. At night it really looks sweet with the red lampshades and the fall berries. I think my decorations on my shelves and over my cupboards look good during the day and at night as I always add a string of white lights. This makes the leaf garlands "glow."

Here is the top of my piano. Fall leaf garland and tea cups!

In the corner of my picket fencing. To the right is a delightful black eyed susan vine that grew like crazy this year. I will definately use this vine again. However, it is looking sad now that we have had a few nights of frost.

This is the view from my archway. The big clump are mums, with flowers like a daisy. They look great in person and look great with the pumpkin tucked in.

In front by my lamppost.
This is out by the road. On the night of my tea, these looked great lit up!

A closer view of my daisy like mums.

It has gotten colder here finally. In fact the last few nights have been frosty. I put the flannel sheets on the bed and slept under the comforter last night. I slept so well!!!


Anonymous said...

Such nice pumpkins!! I like the address part for a party!! I pulled some dried corn stalks up while in the Solvang area and put them on my posts in front with my pumpkin!! I learned this from when I was in PA three Falls ago!! Almost to the day!!

Becky K. said...

Thank you, Dear Mrs. Rabe for sharing these pictures...they are very pretty! Your home is even prettier in person and I loved those lit pumpkins welcoming us into your driveway.
By the bowled very well today. You have really hit your stride!
Becky K.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Becky you are so kind. As to my bowling, yikes! I have had better scores, but I always have so much fun with my friends, it is worth going even if I was the worst bowler!

Miss Paula, we miss you this fall! If you were here you could bowl with us!

Btw, I got some nice pictures at bowling today!

Anonymous said...

Well I want to see!! Don't leave me out of the loop!! I need something to cheer me up!!

Melissa G said...

I like all the flowers by your white picket fence and with the pumpkin tucked in between them. So pretty.


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