Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden: At Dusk

The garden was calling me outside last night, so I went out and sat on the front steps and listened to the birds, felt the soft breeze, and watched the sky.

I've added lights in the garden again.  I think it makes the garden a magical spot at night.  I have another strand to add yet.


  1. Oh, I agree that the lights in your garden add to the ambiance! Thanks for bringing us to your special spot via the wonders of the web...I enjoyed my visit!

  2. I love the lights in the garden.
    Last evening was beautiful. So glad the storms passed us by.

  3. Beautiful way to spend the evening:) I love sitting outside at dusk! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Wow! What a great idea. (I need to change a bulb in a spotlight that accentuates a wreath hanging on our shed....but I'm trying to think how I might wire a strand of lights similar to what you've done.)

  5. Absolutely stunning photos, the video sounds are much like what we hear in the evening while doing some porch sitting. looks like a great summer for you.

  6. Lights really do create a lovely look in your garden. Your neighbors must enjoy seeing your cozy home. I would!

  7. Oh Deanna, it is just beautiful to me! My favorite shot of all is the blue hour one. I'm such a blue hour groupie.

  8. I love those lights! Your garden and picket fence look lovely:)


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