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Monday, July 21, 2014

Home Keeping: Cleaning The Outside Of The House

We all know that the inside of our homes must have daily care to keep them maintained and tidy.  The outsides of our home require care too.  We try to wash and clean the outside of the house at least once a year.

This year we took the shutters off too,  they will be getting a facelift, and we think it was the first time they've been off the house since it was built.

This is at the end of the house - the grossness is from behind the shutters.  
Tim scrubbing the siding

 We labeled all the shutters on the back of each shutter.  

 The head of the screw is the color we suspect the shutters were originally.

 These delightful things were behind some of the shutters.

 Sarah, Kyle and I had the charge of cleaning the shutters.

We found that there were quite a few spiders who had made their homes behind the shutters.

Including this ugly guy

 Rachel removed shutters…Do you see the fence?  Peeling paint,

 Rotting wood

More peeling paint.  

These panels of picket fencing, were from a neighbor of a friend of ours.  We got them when they were tearing out the fencing, to put something else in.  I've had them at least 7 years in my garden, so they are old.  We are talking about what to do exactly.  I love my picket fence so we MUST fix it.

I'll post photos when I'm done with the shutters.  We are hoping to re-side the house, but that is another project for another time.

Any projects on your horizon?


  1. There is a lot of work, energy and time needed to keep a house maintained. Our siding desperately needs scrubbing, too. I do the parts I can reach by the front door and the back deck, but the rest will have to wait....
    It's all looking spiffy around your place.

  2. I remember when my cousin and his wife were doing this chore and they found lots of bats behind the shutters. Thus ended their shutter days. Gone. Our siding needs washing and the roof does, too. Sigh. Chores are just never done.

  3. I don't take my shutters off unless I'm going to paint them. There is brick behind and it doesn't seem to collect dirt. Now as to other areas though .. . .

  4. That's a lot of hard work but I know will be SO nice when it is finished:) I have that same picket design at my house! Sending HUGS your way! Rest when you can:)

  5. I have a project list a page long!!!
    Hard work but doesn't feel great when you finish? I LOVE your picket fence. I've always wanted one.


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