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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Home Keeping: Holiday Baking

I have been doing a lot of baking this Christmas season.  I've made low carb Snickerdoodles (pretty decent) and Cowboy cookies (I made a modified regular chocolate chip cookie with 4 kinds of chips), and a lot of Cappuccino Muffins.

These are always popular and this year they were made a bit more special by the addition of some special chocolate chips that I bought at Aldi.  They were a seasonal item and I haven't seen any more there, but I may just have missed them the last time I was there.

The recipe is originally from this Gooseberry Patch cookbook -

 These muffins are very good anytime of year, not just in the autumn

The sign of a well loved recipe is the cooking stains on the page!  I double this recipe and use a regular sized muffin tin and I get 36 muffins.


I am not a coffee lover but I think these are tasty.  I don't eat them because they are not low carb but I have been working on a tweak so that they could be.  If I figure it out, I'll be sure to post it.

We are giving these out to business associates of Tim's, Rachel's cello teacher, our Pastor, Rachel took some into work to shareWe gave some to the wonderful ladies at our local produce stand, and we are planning to give some to the ladies at our favorite breakfast place!  We appreciate these people so much for the service they provide!  I think our mailman is getting a dozen too!

Do you bake to give as gifts? 


  1. oh my goodness. that recipe is Sharon Demers!!
    i KNOW her! she used to blog regularly .. i'll tell
    her about you using her recipe and offer the link.
    how cool is that?!

  2. Those muffins sound wonderful. Yes, I do bake gifts, mostly to neighbors.

  3. I'll have to press Rachel's cello teacher into parting with one of these muffins - since I know her so well. he, he.

    We give eatable gifts, too.

  4. Deanna, were these the muffins you brought us? If so, we coffee and chocolate lovers want the recipe! Sooooo yummy!

  5. Not since I baked a dozen cranberry orange muffins for our pastor and forgot to put in any sugar. My pride as a baker went right out the window. Those muffins look delish. The smell of Christmas is good baking coming from the kitchen... Looks as if you have that well covered.

  6. These sounds wonderful. What wonderful treats you will sharing. I just wrote a post about smudged cookbook stains today. How funny. Blessings friend.

  7. I haven't done any baking yet, but I used to do so much and give it away as you do.
    Enjoy today!

  8. Deanna, We love to give food gifts too! We are starting our baking tomorrow. I will have to run by the Aldi near us and see if they have any of those chips. When I am looking for one of my favorite recipes, I always flip through the book until it stops at a well loved page! :-)

  9. OH YUM! Those look delicious and everyone will love their tasty gift! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. You're inspiring me. I've got a bag of THM baker's blend and I think a batch of muffins might be just the thing to make. I haven't seen the chips, but I'm a coffee fan and I know I'd like them.

  11. Yes, edible Christmas presents are made in the summer! I canned Peaches this year to give as gifts...less time constraint in the summer as compared to a busy December. I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks also, they're from "my neck of the woods" when we lived in Ohio.


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