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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wedding Planning: Details

We are at the details stage of wedding planning now.  What I mean is the wedding is planned out.  We know what we are doing and much of it is purchased and or will be purchased closer to the date such as flowers and desserts.

The details are things like hair, make-up, shoes, jewelry, dress alterations.  My girls care very much about these things and so do I.

Emma and I go tomorrow to meet with our sweet friend Jenny, who is going to do Emma's hair and make-up.  Jenny is our pastor's wife and she is a stylist.  She did Lindsay's hair and make-up for her wedding and did a great job.  Emma knew she wanted to have her do it if she was availableAt our appointment with her tomorrow Emma will show Jenny the picture of what she liked to do with her hair and Jenny will do a trial run with it.  They will also talk about make-up.  

Lindsay's wedding was in the morning and Emma's is an evening wedding, so I assume there will be a few differences in the make-up.  These appointments are fun!

Friday, Emma and I go to the gal who is doing the alterations on Emma's dress for a fitting.  I have a dress she is going to alter for me as well.  I may or may not be wearing this dress for the wedding, but I want a few options.

We are still looking for a few sparkly brooches for the bouquet, and jewelry for Emma.  

These things are occupying us now.  The day of the wedding will arrive and we will be at peace, ready for the joy of another daughter married, and gaining a new son.


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