A Little Re-Arrangement

If you follow me on FB or Instagram you saw a preview of my living room re-arrangement.

I pointed out that the silver trays would be coming down, and that I had moved a rug into this space after I posted the photo.

Here is how it is currently looking - 

Obviously, it was evening when I took these photos, but I am liking the coziness factor.  I've been excited to see that cozy is the 'in' thing (hygge - pronounced 'hooga').  It's always been my 'thing.'

The gold chair with the white coverlet had been in my room and we traded this chair out for another one that is a wood framed chair and we can easily bring it out if we need it.  Right now the living room can seat 7 people with ease.

Also obviously, I moved the freestanding gas fireplace from the living room to the master bedroom.  When we used it this year it made our living space way to hot!  In our room which is the coldest room in the house, it will not be uncomfortable.  If it is we will be passing it along to someone else!  Once I get that space in order, I'll show you.  The fireplace does make our room look grand!


  1. I like the changes/additions. Very friendly and warm.

  2. Looks as if you've been having some fun today. I did some decorating, too, but it does not reach your levels. I like the wall arrangement of blue plates.

  3. Looking good! It's such a lift to freshen a room up!

  4. Love it! Looks so warm and cozy Deanna! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love it. I was just thinking how cozy it all loomed then read your writings. I have been hearing about this new "cozy" word.


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