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 So far our winter weather has been a bit odd.  We were mild at Christmas - it was nearly 60 degrees here Christmas day - and then we hit the deep freeze for a few weeks.  Last week when I was out on a job with Tim had had layers on including two coats, gloves and a hat.  Yesterday I was out with a light cardigan.  Today will be cooler, but still mild, then tomorrow we are expecting freezing temps and maybe ice.  If you look to the right above the hutch and to the right of the candle you can see that my front door is open.  In January.

I just started using Norwex products, and so far am happy with them.  I've been using natural products to clean our home for years, but the dust and getting my windows clean with out streaking have been issues.  So far I am pleased with the ease of these products.  Do any of you use Norwex?

I have a few faux fruits and this is why.  I like having this in the main bathroom, but the real fruit kept going bad in there with the humidity.  I'll keep this a few more weeks then we'll be on to something else.

 Most of Christmas is gone but a little sparkle is still up here and there.  We enjoy the lights during the winter, and I love this little tree that I won in a drawing several years ago from sweet Sherry.

I've been spending time sorting through stuff that has been stored in our basement for years, I've been sorting through the pantry, and sorting through my teas.  Its easy for everything to become a cluttered mess.  I quite like my jar of teas on the counter near the electric kettle....

and my birdie teapot!  This teapot holds about a quart of tea.  So cute and fun.

I've had a good week, visiting with a friend, sharing life with my family, going to dinner with my parents.  I also had an appointment with my eye surgeon and she wants to do a laser procedure in the office next week.  There is a bit of cloudiness due to scar tissue in my eye, and that is keeping my vision from being perfectly 20/20.  After that procedure I'll be able to get new glasses.  I can't wait!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. I like to keep some twinkle lights about until the end of March and have faux pine branches with icicle lights strung across the big window in my kitchen, much like the top of your cabinet.
    The big jar of teabags caught my eye on FB and I may consider doing this too with my teabags. For me, the majority of teas are loose which require a number of canisters.
    I hope the in-office surgery corrects your eyesight Deanna, then the fun of finding a new pair of glasses!

  2. An odd season here, too, so far!
    Sounds like you are pleasantly occupied and finding ways to keep the Cottage fresh and beautiful...
    I'm sure you'll be happy to be "done" with the eye treatments and on to selecting and wearing glasses again.
    Have a safe and blessed weekend!

  3. Oh to have the "eye" stuff behind you. I am glad that the laser treatment is available, but, until recently, never heard of anyone having the need for it. Now, every third patient seems to need it. Call me paranoid.

    I was cleaning the fake fruit today where I had some spruce tips. They seemed just fine when I started, but when I turned my back, they dropped off. Smelled so good, though, that I seriously thought of putting them in some potpourri.

    Hope that the ice does not come. Enough ice already!

  4. It seems as though many are having strange weather, We has record lows last week we had our snow and today it was 73 degrees. Can you believe it? Global warming, I guess :( Enjoy your weekend!

  5. We've had hot and cold weather too. 20 degrees last weekend and 76 degrees yesterday!
    Love your birdie teapot!

  6. We've had similar weather but we were colder on Christmas day and we ended up with about 6+ inches of snow last weekend.

    I have the same teapot and I also have the creamer and sugar bowl and a cup.😊

    I need to look into the Norwex. Dusting oil is the only non natural product I have.

  7. I love your home! Little pieces of lovely all over the place!


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