Sunday, January 1, 2017

Twenty-Nine Years

January 2, 1988

Tim was 22 and I was 24.  

Lots of life lived in these 29 years.  Amazing really, the building of a family and life together.
We have, at times, been iron sharpening iron, for each other, but we've also been the best of friends, lovers, boon companions.  We are better people because of it.

I'm looking forward to the next 29 years and beyond, if God grants it to us.


  1. Dearest Deanna & Tim,
    Congrats on your 29th Wedding Anniversary!
    Best wishes for many more.

  2. Beautiful!! your 29 years together! All beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful couple! Here's to another 50 at least!

  4. Happy anniversary, Deanna! What a beautiful wedding photo! I can see that young bride in your face today. You haven't changed all that much.

    Blessings, and wishes for many more joy-filled years together.


  5. Happy Anniversary you two! What a lovely wedding photo Deanna! Best wishes for many more happy years!

  6. Belated Anniversary wishes to you both!

    I was 24 when you got married, too, but 25 by the time we married in Sept. that year. I didn't realize you and I were *that* close in age, Deanna. Fun!

    Sorry for the very late comment. Still catching up on my blog reader. I had a couple thousand posts and, even with mass deleting some, it's slow going.


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