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I decided to post Obscure's reply here as I want to 

The conversation started on this post here.

Obscure stated in reply to my response to their comment -

"I meant the government dictating what we are able to do with our bodies - everyone pays taxes, and follows traffic laws. I understand that you cannot hear the other side, but I don't believe that is Jesus' way - I pray that you can find peace in allowing God to judge instead of man."

First of all I knew that Obscure meant that the government should not dictate what women are able to do with their bodies.  In fact in most areas I would absolutely agree with this.  I believe that overall the government has become to instrusive into the lives of the people of this great nation. 

However, abortion is the taking of a human life.  That is why it absolutely should be illegal.  Murder is illegal in this nation, with the exception of abortion.

Obscure also makes the comment that "I understand you cannot hear the other side."  This also is untrue.  My parents housed a young women in the early 1970's who was an unwed mother.  As a family we were and are committed to life and to helping others who find themselves pregnant and in a difficult position because of it.  My husband and I have for many years given monthly support to a pregnancy service who help young women get care, housing, parenting classes, job skills, child care skills.  

I have a granddaughter who was born five years before her parents married.  I don't judge peoples circumstances, but I believe that I can speak the truth.  And the truth is that abortion kills human babies.

One day God will judge and have quite a bit to say about the choice our nation has made to offer our children on this alter.

As a reminder, if comments become uncivil or if trolls arrive I will delete this post.


  1. Well said:) Absolutely agree. Thanks.

  2. Very nicely said. Obscure assumes a lot. We really can not know the mind or heart of another and those are the areas where we must not judge; however, we must judge open, blatant behavior. We are even told that we will judge the angels. If comments become unruly, close comments, but your post itself and Obscure's comment and response are instructive. We learn this way!

  3. You walk the walk and talk the talk, with a Bible in your hand and Jesus in your heart.

  4. I don't assume a lot, Vee. I was interpreting her response, and was only hoping to have a respectful exchange of ideas. If we cannot openly talk to each other as Christians, what hope do we have? I in no way meant to diminish your beliefs, only to look for open dialogue. I will no longer be reading or commenting, but wish you all peace.

  5. I have decided there is no reason for continued exchange of ideas in certain subjects. More talk would never change my mind that abortion is the taking of a life. Being against my tax dollars paying for the taking of a life does not need further discussion.

  6. I have to chime in and agree with Obscure. I am also a Christian and believe Jesus calls us to walk with compassion and open our eyes to others'  challenges. I am NOT an abortion supporter in any sense of the word but the problem is that this is not a black and white issue. What about the seventeen year old who gets raped and as a result gets pregnant? By being forced to endure a pregnancy, she has to live with the horror of what happened to her every day and face even more trauma, plus the stigma that still exists among sexual assault victims. What about the married couple who is excited to welcome their first child but finds out at some point in the pregnancy that there is no brain function in the fetus? The mental anguish of having to continue the pregnancy that will not end in a life birth is cruel, in my opinion.

    There is also the fact that making abortion illegal will not stop people from having them, but only make it more dangerous when the procedure is not regulated. It makes a lot more sense to regulate it, as well as support proactive education (i.e. provide info on and access to birth control) to reduce the abortion rate, rather than lump everyone who gets an abortion or supports it into the same "pro baby-killing" group.

     I know I will not change your mind, but I wanted to share that other pro-choice, women's rights supporters read your blog. I too, pray for peace to all of you. 

    1. Linnae,

      You are right that you won't change my mind on abortion. Also I have walked with very dear friends, through the death of their child in the womb. They did have to go through a delivery of that child. So hard and painful, they choose to grab hold of the Grace that was offered to them in that situation.

      I feel very strongly about women's issues. I absolutely believe in equal pay, my heart breaks at home women and girls are treated around the world. I believe these things break God's heart too.

      Thank you for your respectful tone, and I hope you'll hang around my blog. We have more in common I think than we do differences.


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