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Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I'm Currently Reading

I took this photo when I was sitting out on my deck earlier this week.  The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze blowing and I was not only savoring the weather, I was savoring this story of the Eliots of Damerosehay.

I know the characters well, but not at this stage of their lives because I have read this trilogy backwards!  I first found book three, The Heart of The Family, at an antique store for $2.00  I didn't know it was part of a trilogy, I'd just been looking for books by Elizabeth Goudge on recommendation from Brenda.  

A year later I found the second book, Pilgrim's Inn, at a used book store.  A few months ago, I bought this one online.  

Here is a synopsis of this book - 

"Introducing the beloved trilogy that has captured the hearts and imaginations of the many fans of bestselling author Elizabeth Goudge. "The Bird in the Tree "takes place in England in 1938, and follows a close-knit family whose tranquil existence is suddenly threatened by a forbidden love . . . . Matriarch of the family, Lucilla, has spent a lifetime making the Hampshire estate of Damerosehay a haven for the Eliots. When her favorite grandson, David, falls in love with a woman who belongs to another, Lucilla sees her most cherished ambitions put at risk. But can she persuade David and Nadine to put duty before love? Discover why so many have already fallen in love with this favorite of Goudge novels.

Have you read this series or any others by Goudge?  When I bought my book online, CBD, was having a sale.  Almost half price per book and free shipping, so I bought several other titles by Elizabeth Goudge, so basically I bought four books for the price of two.

The other titles I bought are The Rosemary Tree, The Scent of Water, and Towers in the Mist.

Do you enjoy books and reading?  What are you currently reading?  Who is your favorite author?


Linda said...

I'm reading The Old Romantic by Louise Dean. Now you know why I bought the book in the first place - the name! She lives in England so all her books - or at least this one - is set in that country and I love to read books like this. I've been to London and some of the countryside with Amber. She likes Scottish writers like Stuart MacBride but they are a little too gritty for my taste!
I will start to look for this trilogy!

Rhonda said...

I haven't read any books by that author but they look intriguing. I'm always on the hunt for a good book and a good series. I'll be on the lookout this trilogy. I'm getting ready to read Marks in a Lifetime by Diane Greenwood Muir. The Bellingwood Series - Book 17. They are a fun read and they take place here in Iowa which makes it even more fun for me. Diane used to live here in my hometown. Her dad was the Methodist Church minister. I follow her on Facebook and I follow her blog. She's a lot of fun and very talented!

Elizabethd said...

I grew up with Elizabeth Goudge's books, starting with The Little White Horse. I can still read it happily.

podso said...

Love Goudge! And especially Pilgrim's Inn. I have the one you're reading in my stack to get to someday!

Vee said...

This author is one of my favorites and I called all the available books in from the interloan library system. The only book I own is The Pilgrims Inn, which Aunt Amelia gifted me. Usually, I prefer nonfiction, but this author...well she speaks to my heart. And I learned of her from Brenda also.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

As you know, I'm re-reading that book right now so that this time I can read them in order! The Scent of Water is one of my very favorite Goudge books. The underlying theme is how depression affects people but in a very lovely (of course) Goudge way of telling a story. Some bios on Goudge suggest it was a personal story and that she dealt with "melancholy" from time to time.

Tanya@EverAfterCottage said...

My mom gave me some Susanna Kearsley books a few months ago, and I really enjoyed them. I passed them on to my oldest daughter, and she's currently loving them, and I've been recommending them to everyone lately it seems. I read Mariana, Winter Sea, The Firebird, and The Rose Garden (which was my favorite).

Right now I'm finishing up Little Men.

Rebecca said...

This is the one I have NOT read. I started with Pilgrim's Inn and am currently in the middle of The Heart of the Family. :)


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