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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A New Life Story

Remember how I was boo hooing over my lilacs, and how I was sure that due to their early budding, and then our deep freeze for a week, that I was going to get no lilacs?

Well, that turned out not to be true!  My lilacs have sprung to life! I couldn't believe it last week when I realized that they were going to be blooming, and this week they've started.

I thought that was kind of appropriate for Easter week.  Beauty for ashes, that is just what God gives us as a gift from the death and resurrection of Jesus.  


  1. Amen and how beautiful they are!

  2. I love lilacs, especially the white variety.

  3. I love lilacs - especially how they smell. Can't wait for my little bush to start blooming!

  4. I love how God gives us these gifts to illustrate His truths!!

  5. Life springs up! Thanks be to God.

  6. Ah, that is just beautiful. A wonderful surprise. And how timely as it's the Holy Week. Easter is almost here!


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