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Monday, November 5, 2018

Fall Fest!

We held our annual Fall Fest yesterday.  After a rainy year, we were hopeful that the farm fields would be usable for Tim's wild hayrides, and that it wouldn't rain on the day of the Fest.

God gave us beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures, and we were able to use the farm lanes between fields for the hay rides!  

A special thing this year was that Lindsay and our friend Rosie, held a gaming show for their riding students.  Sarah and Kamryn rode too, and everyone, including parents and grandparents had a great time watching!

The two events overlapped and soon Tim was loading people up for a hay ride.  We enjoyed meeting lovely new friends, 

I always enjoy watching all of our friends enjoy themselves...

Notice that it is all men around the food area! (grin)

The campfire is always a fun place to be and this year while we were enjoying sitting by the fire, we were treated to...


The fire made its own sparks, too!

This morning I have dishes, and tidying to do, but its so worth it!

We are so grateful to live where we can host large gatherings and enjoy time with our friends and family.  Some friends couldn't make it this year, and Rachel and Emma are both living out of state, and we missed them all.  Tim and I did a count last evening and we had 91 people here for our Fall Fest!

Our pattern of rain is continuing; we had rain Friday into Saturday morning, it was beautifully clear yesterday, and today we have rain, and more rain later this week.  So thankful for the perfect fall weather yesterday!

I hope you all had equally lovely weekends!


  1. Oh the rain! It seems neverending. So glad that the sunny day came for your Fall Fest...91 people...amazing! What a fun day.

  2. I'm glad you had such perfect fall weather yesterday!! Looks like a good time for everyone!

    We had a birthday party this weekend, and tonight is a piano recital here for Bekah's students, so I have a bit of cleaning up today too!

  3. How wonderful that the weather smiled on you! That was quite the crowd! I believe parties bring out the best in you!😀

  4. 91 people and everything from pony rides to fireworks? That's what I call a party!!

  5. Looks like a great time--and fireworks! If I had 91 people at my place yesterday I might be in a coma today! You do well! Podso


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