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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

It's Not Too Early To Speak Of Christmas...

 and good thing too, because I am hosting our Co-op Mom's Christmas Party on December 9th! That's three weeks from tomorrow. 

Let that sink in.

That means that I must have all my Christmas decor up and ready to go. This is no problem to me, I love to get the 'halls' decked around my cottage right after Thanksgiving. I may recruit Sarah and her friend Mary to help me. 

                                          Christmas tree from 2016

I have it down to a science with the basics really. The garlands go on the picket fencing outside, with plaid bows and lights. I just use the outdoor lights that hang on that fence year round. Easy. 

We put a garland and lights on the lamp post most years, but last year I just put a big plaid bow.

I have a wreath that hangs by the front door and one that hangs on the kitchen door. 

Wreath photo from 2014

Some years I use a garland around the kitchen deck door, but with curtains there it makes it hard. However, I have an idea using command strips that may allow it to work. Or I could just take the curtains down, as I rarely close them anyway. 

I'll put my Nativity painting on my big shelf again this year, and I know the spot where my Willow Tree nativity will go. I will hang a garland on my secretary and one on my china hutch as well. I always have lights above my kitchen cabinets, and all I'll have to do there is add my Christmas greens, and a few Christmas decor items.

Photo from 2014

I'm going to add a small tree in my bathroom, change out the shower curtain, and hang a Christmas hand towel in the bathroom.

I'll put a small tree in Sarah's room downstairs with lights, Kyle always has one in his room with color lights. I'll set up my parents skinny tree in their space, and help her decide about what else she may want to put up. 

I may put a wreath at the end of the hall or maybe our icicle lights will make an appearance hanging from the hallway ceiling again this year.

I will use some garlands in my bedroom, too. With my ficus tree on my dresser, I don't think I want to do a tree in my room. A garland on my dresser and on our bookcase should look great. 

I dried orange slices the other day. I put them in a 200 degree oven for about 8 hours, and I turned them twice. I love using natural things in my decorating. I am going to make some orange and clove pomanders, too.

Photo from Christmas 2014

It sounds like a lot but it's really not. Last year, everyone here helped and it was done so quickly. We also have birthdays, and an anniversary during this holiday season, so having our decorating done adds to the charm and specialness of the season.

How or what do you do for decorating at Christmas?


  1. Used to do a lot more, around the house. But for some years, it's the tree and the mantle, and a couple of wreaths.

    Plus my faerie lights, which are up all year. -smile-

    Just enough and no climbing for my husband to hang garland, and etc. -smile-

    Do you have the "Awful, Horrible Cold", around your area? We do here. And guess who got it?

    But I was seen, and have lots of doctor meds and am coming along. -smile- Plus, had to have test for *IT* and both were negative.

    Not saying anything on my blog though. Just sticking to regular stuff. If I said something, someone would say... "Hahhh, because you don't wear masks!" LOL And I'm not setting myself up, for that!

    😊 🔥 😊

  2. I love decorating our house for Christmas, but I am not as fast as you are! It usually takes me a week or so from start to finish, tweaking as I go. It is such a joyful time of year!

  3. Beautiful! I don't have anything out now yet, but soon. I do love looking at it all now though.

  4. You really do have your decorating down to a science. I like that. It's looking lovely, Deanna. Nothing festive out here yet, but soon.


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