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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ramp To The House

 There have always been wonky things about our home. Like how our linen closet door and the bathroom door get their knobs stuck, how our front door barely misses hitting the knob on the coat closet. The biggest hurdle over the years for a short woman is how the step into the kitchen door is not proper height.

It had one slab. So a few years ago as my parents aged, he built a wooden step. That helped me too, with my bad lower back and tight hip flexors. 

But now with my parents in their late 70's and early 80's that step situation became a real challenge to get into the house. The front steps are more with no railing so it was still better to come in through the kitchen door.

On Friday Tim designed a ramp, and bought the wood for it. On Saturday he began to build, and with a bit of help from Kyle they got it done before dark.

My dad tried it out right away, and everyone who has come has mentioned how nice it is. 

He still plans a few steps off the front of the side. He built to to ADA guidelines. What a blessing to have a handy husband.

Today I continue my bit by bit decorating. Hoping to finish before the weekend. It was flurrying a bit this morning when I rose for the day.

Happy Tuesday, Friends.


  1. A handy husband is gold!! Kudos to Tim and his helper Kyle for designing and building this helpful ramp!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! I also wanted to mention how much I love your header. smiles. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Oh it looks great and how much easier it makes things. I had to chuckle at your dad's trying it right away. Well done, Tim and Kyle!

  4. That's a beauty of a ramp! Well done to your handy husband!

  5. Tim and Kyle did a super job. The ramp looks great, Deanna. I love your blog header, especially that beautiful photo of you with your plaid scarf. All very festive! Hugs.


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