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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Welcome December


Happy December, Friends!

I love celebrating the coming of Jesus to the weary world. This is something that brings deep joy, in spite of circumstances. He's the best gift!

I am going to follow this reading list this year.

Do you do any special reading for Advent? 

I'm still working on decor. I got my wreaths up yesterday, and a garland on my secretary. I also put greens and battery candles in my big birdhouse. I moved it to the top of my great grandmother's china hutch.

Our computer monitor died so we are using our tv for our monitor. Kind of awkward, but we will either get a new monitor or a new tv.

Here are some pretty photos from December's past.

I am watching my grandgirls today for a few hours, so I need to get a move on. 

Happy December, Friends.


  1. I can't think of a world much more weary than this one. We sure do need The Lord.

    Things sound festive and busy there.

  2. Oh, forgot to answer the question. No, I don't usually choose Christmas readings. I will continue my reading in Hebrews where I currently am. I believe Sarah is doing a Christmas study for December so I will follow along with her at Across My Kitchen Table.

  3. I have sometimes done Christmas reading with Handel's Messiah, but the Bible reading program that I have been using is pretty full (6 or 7 chapters a day sometimes) so I think I'd better stay focused.

    Echoing Vee's comment, this old world sure is weary. Oh, but that thrill of hope!!

  4. I'm doing the same December reading I did last year - one chapter of Luke each day. But I think I'll also add your list to my reading! Early monrning, cup of coffee, candle burning and the lights from the tree. A wonderful way to start the day!

  5. I'm reading in Luke right now and Psalms and finishing up a commentary on 1 Peter. I figure the whole Bible is about Jesus so I can't go wrong. :)

  6. Happy December to you too dear friend, thank you for this reading list! I am going to read and catch up for the first three days! Have a blessed day and weekend ahead! HUGS!


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