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Monday, December 6, 2021


 We had a fun weekend, with some decorating, some trailer brake work (Tim's work trailer), gingerbread house making, Christmas music, and another trip to see the lights!

I bought a cute gingerbread mini house making kit with four houses in it for the kids to decorate. On Friday Nate and Kayleigh brought the girls down, and Kyle, Kamryn, Klaire and Kaidence (with help from mama, while I helped Klaire) worked on their houses.

I got photos of Kaidence's and Klaire's. A bit later Kaidence came and ate a lot of the candy off the houses! Lol!

It was fun, and memories were made!

Saturday night we ate fish and chips for dinner. I buy the wild caught, beer battered cod from Aldi. The fish is from Finland. After dinner and clean up I took this photo. It was probably about 6:30pm.
I love how cozy the house looks.

We've been listening to an advent narrative by Russ Ramsey on Audible.

We are enjoying it each reading is about 8-10 minutes long.

Last night we took Kyle and the grand girlies to see the Christmas Lights at Herr's Snack Factory in Nottingham, PA. Of course we had to get our donuts, too!

The girls loved them, Klaire especially chattered and commented the whole time. It was fun, and again making memories.

This week I'm preparing for my homeschool co-op mom's to come on Thursday for a Christmas Party! I'm excited. It is one of the hosting highlights of my year!

At church yesterday we sang Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me. Emma had sent this song to me earlier in the week, and I had not heard it before. She said they sang it at school a lot her first year. I want to share this song with you.

Jesus is everything to me. He is my sustainer, help, and hope. My friend, brother, savior. This is why I celebrate Christmas! Pushing back the darkness, shining the light of Jesus by remembering his coming.

 I hope your weekend was good. It's been mild during the days, a bit breezy, and very chilly at night. We might get some snow on Wednesday!


  1. I love your sweet gingerbread houses, your cozy home, and the memory-making! It is a beautiful song, rich with meaning. "What gift of grace is Jesus, My Redeemer!" Joy to the world!

  2. That is a beautiful song.

    The gingerbread houses are adorable. I am sure that the granddaughters enjoyed making them and eating them. So tempting!

    We may be getting snow Wednesday as well. I hope not because I hate driving if there's even a flake in the sky. It's my day to pick up the grands.

    Today was supposed to be light rain an 55°. Nope. It never got above 30° so the driveway and streets are sheets of ice.

  3. I love your cozy house too! Cozy is one of my very favorite words!
    I like your gingerbread houses but I am all thumbs at doing them so I have given them up!
    Fish from friends Jutta lives there and they eat fish a lot. Someday I am going to go visit her. She has three is on their island. She's been here two or three times.....

  4. Love the gingerbread houses! What a wonderful time together! I love making these memories! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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