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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Preparing For A Guest

 My mom has a friend coming for a visit this afternoon. This is the first guest they have had since moving in back in mid September. First they were busy getting settled in, and we did take a week trip to Tennessee. Then at the end of October they got sick. It's taken really until last week for my mom to feel nearly back to normal.

So today, I want her time with her friend to be special. I made Russian Tea Cakes last night. They are as good as I remembered. I took a photo, but this was before I gave them a second roll in powdered sugar.

The recipe I shared yesterday makes a lot of cookies, beware! Perfect though if you are sharing cookies as gifts! Of course, it would be easy to half the recipe, too.

I like my guests to feel welcomed. Often we open the door when we see our guests have arrived, and when the kids were young, they'd even run out to the car to greet them. We like our guests to feel welcome and know we've been waiting for them to arrive!

I like the outside of my home to match the inside of my home. If I have lights inside, I like at least some lights outside. If I have Christmas decor inside, then I have garlands on the picket fence, a big plaid ribbon on the lamppost and welcoming wreaths on the doors!

This is my demitasse cup with some egg nog inside from last night. Tim and I watched an episode of Shetland together.

Then inside a cheerful welcome, Christmas music in the background, an offer of something to drink - hot or cold - and a bite of something.

Today, I have the Russian Tea Cakes, I'll put out crackers and cheese, some grapes, a few clementines.

I'll use my small ceramic plaid plates, I have some plaid paper napkins. I'll make coffee or tea. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a few thoughtful things that say, "We're glad you're here!"

Are you hosting any events this month? We'd love to hear about it! Tell us all in the comments.


  1. It all sounds so lovely. I too watch from the window and open the door as soon as I see that guests have pulled into the driveway. And I always have lights outside, year round! Your way of doing things sounds so welcoming. I hope your mom has a wonderful time with her friends. xoxo

  2. You definitely have the gift of our friend Cheryl would say..."not to impress, but to bless." Hope that you all have a wonderful visit with your mother's friend.

  3. It sounds like such fun and I LOVE the wreath on your front door!! Glad your mom is feeling better!

  4. I so enjoyed this post, Deanna. Your form of hospitality is perfect. I can only imagine how welcome your guests must feel when they come to your home. Thank you for sharing all your tips. Hugs.

  5. Those are a favorite around here!

  6. Your home is very welcoming, and I can speak from experience! So glad that your mom is feeling well again and looking forward to having a guest. I'm sure that you all had a lovely time!

    (As an aside, I love your small plaid plates. I passed on some at Christmas Tree Shoppes several years ago and have regretted it ever since.)

  7. Oh this is the perfect Christmas welcome....I love it! You have a true gift of making your home warm and inviting for so many....I'll bet those cookies with amazing!


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