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Friday, December 31, 2021

Good News Friday

It's New Year's Eve!

As you can see, the tree is gone. I usually keep the tree up until Epiphany or sometimes just after the New Year, depending on the condition of the tree.

Last night however, around 11:00 pm, we were chatting with Sarah after having watched a movie. They weren't working today so it was no big rush to get to bed. I happen to look at the dove tree topper and there are bugs on it! 

Can you guess? Baby preying mantis. Oh NO! 

Well, we quickly took the decorations, lights and ribbon off the tree and took it outside. We worked fast!

This year was one in which many things were revealed about our government, our judiciary, our congress. We found out for sure, as many of us had suspected, that many in both parties were corrupt. That it didn't matter if you had a D or an R after your name. Many are of the very same mindset.

We learned that though you can prove corruption, unless you can get a judge to hear the case and all the evidence, it won't go anywhere.

We learned that our media is the mouthpiece for the deep state. We learned that those who run social media are also complicit, as they sensor anything or anyone who goes against the narrative that they want you to believe.

All of these things we've learned have woken people up. Much of the forced cov*d mandates, the inflation, the mess with leaving Afghanistan have woken people up.

This is not just an issue for the US. This is worldwide. People are awake.

This is good news.

JB has been a failure as a president and even mainstream news magazines are reporting on it. You can read one{here}. You can also read a statement about his presidency {here}. It's laid out well and easy to read.

This week a jury found Ghislane Maxwell guilty of five of the six counts she was charged with. 

This is good news.

The victims of her heinous behavior, along with Jeffrey Epstein, have been vindicated. However, JE was not the only one who abused many of these victims. There are many others, some very well known, who have not been charged. This was not simply a high end prostitution ring. These were underage young women. By definition children. Those other abusers need to be made known.

It is interested that while the judge has sealed much of the information regarding some of these issues, I've read that there has been grand jury work since JE was arrested, that perhaps is using this information and therefore it needs to remain secret for now. We'll see if this is true.

I do know that there are reports that Prince Andrew's lawyers called an emergency meeting after GM's guilty verdict came out.

I don't know if you have seen the information yet, but the CDC has been changing all of their guidelines for isolating, etc. Many of the 'rules' the promoted for the last year, are now changed. In fact it seems like guidelines for cold and flu season. Hmmm. {here}   

It is interesting with the new variant that many people are becoming sick, but not very ill. Flu like symptoms or the common cold.

A friend sent me this video yesterday from a funeral home director in the UK. He speaks about what he is seeing these days.

I want to clarify a few things.

I use the term 'jab' instead of vaccine because of censorship. In person I say vaccine. 

I have deep concerns over the 'jab' but I will defend your right as an American citizen to take it if you so choose. I have a daughter and son in law who have taken it. I know others who have as well. None of the people I know personally have had major side effects, and I pray they don't ever have any.

What should concern us is the desire to force everyone to take it. In the beginning they said it would keep you from getting cov*d. Now they say it mitigates your symptoms. This is hard to know because for many people cov*d has been very mild - that has been our experience, even with my parents who are elderly and have several of the 'comorbidities.'

If you can still get the virus and still pass it, why force the 'jab?' We who have had it and recovered have good, robust immunity!

I think the year ahead will show that much of what was done to fight the virus were basically unnecessary.

The New Year is ahead, and I am still full of hope and even excited by possibilities for the future. So much of what the Dems have tried to pass, or mandate have ended up not happening. Don't be afraid.

Happy New Year Friends!


  1. Thank you for links.

    Merry Midwinter Wishes
    Happy New Year
    🌲 ⛄ 🌲 ⛄ 🌲 ⛄ 🌲

  2. Thank you for staying on top of it all.

  3. I'm not afraid! Happy New Year!

  4. My family did not get the jab either we were on the fence about it, then Delta hit our area hard in August. My husband was diagnosed on August 21, 18 days later he was dead. It was the sickest we have ever been. No health issues. I agree it should be a choice. My issue is just don't discourage because your family was blessed to not have had a bad case. Love your blog been reading for years.


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