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Monday, December 20, 2021


 This weekend was so much fun!

Saturday morning, Tim and I and my parents went to breakfast at Tim's brother's house. Dan, Sharon, and their daughter Carrie treated us to a feast. Southern style biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, and  waffles. Sharon knows how to make great biscuits and gravy as her mother was from Alabama. Delicious!

We stayed until early afternoon, celebrating being together, and the joy of this season. They will be going to Colorado for Christmas with one of their daughters. Another daughter will fly to meet them from Florida. They are looking forward to a wonderful time together.

In the afternoon, Tim drove down to BWI to pick up Sarah. She is home for a few weeks now on break from her small Bible School. It's so wonderful to have her home.

We had our Christmas service yesterday at church. Afterward we had a time of fellowship with cookies and hot cocoa or coffee. It was fun. We then came home to a yummy lunch.

My parents thought they had a roast, and so I put it in the crock pot  (Tim and I thought it was perhaps ribs) Saturday night, and by morning we knew it was ribs! It was labelled a roast however by the butcher.

The meat fell off the bones, so I simply added cut up potatoes, baby carrots, and two packets of dry onion soup mix in the crock pot with the meat. By the time we got home from church it was all ready to eat and it was very good.

Wes and Rachel joined us for the afternoon and that was fun, too. We talked, people napped, some played 'Can Jam', and we watched a movie.

I may not do a regular Good News Friday this week, as Friday is not only Christmas Eve, but Tim's birthday. I thought I may just do bits of good news during the week.

Here is your good news for today.

Over the weekend, DJT did some events with Bill O'Reilly in Texas. Sunday morning he attended First Baptist Church in Dallas, and was given the chance to give a Christmas greeting. Here is some of what he said. These are slides someone made online, and that is why there is differing size fonts and spacing.

I found this very encouraging.  

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. Lovely...

    Keep enjoying....

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

    Happy Eve of Winter Solstice / Yule!

  2. Loved your post today. What a wonderful family you have. Also the section of Donald Trump. Boy, do I miss him, and hope we'll get him back as President...He was, and still is, the Best!

  3. Well I missed this because I was off shopping with my sister. I spent a couple of days with her. We would both have loved knowing this. I'll send her the link. Honestly, I am so stressed by what passes for president with his doom and gloom that these comments lift my spirits so much.


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