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Friday, February 23, 2024

Information Friday


I came across this photo yesterday. It is treasure! Uncle Kyle and Kamryn drinking chamomile tea, about 12 years ago! They are still great pals. 

I'm back for Information Friday, and wow! Was it hard to decide what to share! So much happening all at the same time!

Rob Roos speaks English as a second language so he pauses at a few phrases, but what he has to say is important.

This is why this case happened. The NY AG hates Trump and has used her position to 'get him.' There was no crime here. All of the banks said they'd do business with Trump again, and were happy with the loan repayment etc. This case is a lie, and the outcome was predetermined. Engoron knew from the start how he was going to rule. They used wrong articles to charge Trump and had no jury.

The truth always comes out but it moves slower than lies. Often because those telling the lies control media. They shut down the truth or even just dissenting voices, and they call it disinformation. 

Those involved with globalism are in a panic. Listen to Trudeau. 

They liked it when they controlled the narrative! They are unhappy that they don't control it anymore.

If you are still upset at me supporting DJT or being against globalism, think about what lies you might be believing. My eyes are wide open. I can't not see it now.

This is why I continue to post these informational posts! I am keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of people!

This is a huge issue. I've wondered about for sometime. If I had a surgery upcoming, I'd get my unjabbed friends to donate on my behalf.

The Biden mess is ongoing. Joe had a lot of years in Washington and a lot of years of making money off of his position. His brother and his son have been a part of this as well.

Coming later this year.....

Happy Weekend, Friends.


  1. Thank you, my dear, as always for doing the research for these Friday posts! Louis Dean and I actually watched some news this week. We did early voting today and DJT was not on our ballots here in Texas so we marked 'Uncommitted.'
    I had a surprise in the mail this week - a flyer from the Democratic party urging me to vote! Turns out Summer gets some of her mail here.
    It's amazing how divisive politics can make us so I purpose to not allow that. But I, too, support Donald J. Trump! Nita's Mike brought two new Trump 2024 hats to Louis Dean while my sister and brother in law were here. Not one snide remark was said! They are Never Trumpers but first and foremost - we are Family and respect one another.
    I'm proud of you for keeping those of us who wish to stay informed in the know. I do appreciate you!

  2. Loving the last video...lolol...I have been watching the Willis/Wade trial! Those two crooks are about to meet their Waterloo...but I worry about the judge. He contributed to Willis' campaign!
    Keep up the good reporting my friend!


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Information Friday

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