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Monday, February 26, 2024

New Hutch In The House

Friday night our friends came over and we had pizza and fun. Tim and Mike worked on work stuff, Kyle and Daniel played games and looked at old stats on Minecraft or something. They were getting a big kick out of it. Jen and I chatted and drank tea. She's had a terrible bout of severe nerve pain after having had shingles. Poor girl. They are trying to find the right dosage for her to help with the pain.

I showed her a marketplace listing for a hutch and told her we were going to see it Saturday afternoon! We did go see it and bought it!

I really, really am enjoying it. I had found several others but I could not get people to respond to my messages. That is very annoying.

It's hard to see but there are two drawers with flatware dividers, a big drawer under the two; I have napkins and my chest of silverplate. Then there are two cabinet doors. They have a divider between the spaces. I am using them to hold all my dishes, except the pattern we are using currently. Those will sit with the small stack of blue and white plates. This makes it easy to have all the things needed to set the dinner table close to hand.

I know that the shelves will be changing at least seasonally. But I do like a layered look and that sometimes takes time.

The walls in this space should be getting some attention fairly soon. Some of the painting of doors, trim, and hanging of shelves in my parents space is now going to be done by Lindsay. Tim will install their washer and dryer soon, too.

These walls need a little more mudding, and then sanding and painting. The ceiling has a few patches needed as well.

I think the hutch needs to move to the right just a bit so that it is centered on the wall. It is back to back with my kitchen hutch.

This hutch is our coffee and tea bar in the kitchen. On the other side of the wall is the new black hutch for dishes!

I am enjoying making my home cozy and welcoming. What a gift to have a refuge from the crazy.


  1. I love your new hutch - it looks great in its new home. I'm glad it brings you joy to admire and use it.

  2. I love your new hutch, Deanna!! What a great Marketplace find! It's "hit and miss" there, isn't it? And I relate to the frustration with how some sellers (and buyers too) operate. But then you find something great at a great price and it's worth it!

  3. There's a Lot of Crazy out there!! Maybe that calls for another shopping trip...just saying! Lol
    Love the hutch!!

  4. What a great hutch!! The color is so dramatic!!


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