Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Open House - Come On In!

Kimba at "A Soft Place To Land" is hosting an open house - I have wanted to participate in one, and I finally found time to get the photos!

As you come up to my house you would see the lights and garlands on the picket fence, lamppost and arch!

In the living room is our tree -

Here is a close up...

The top of the piano is one of my favorites...

On top of my Great Grandmother's China Hutch...

Our chandelier....

I love our Nativity...I placed it up on top of the kitchen cabinets a few years ago, and we liked it there so well, we place it there every year now.

This garland is over the door that goes out onto our deck...

This shelf is in the bathroom...

This year I hung a garland across our headboard, from post to post. It adds romance, and makes the room cozy.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!


  1. So pretty!

    Love the garland over the bed.

    And just have to love the white lights!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful. I too love the Garland over the bed.
    Thanks for the tour.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. I was trying to think which picture I liked best...and I can't..your home is beautiful..you sure do have that special touch in decorating...GORGEOUS !!!!

  4. Oh my, your home is lovely in its finery, MrsRabe. I never thought of swagging greenery at the head of our bed..great idea! And I love your chandelier with hanging cups and festive greenery. Excellent ideas. :oD

  5. Beautiful!!! Kaitlin has twinkle lights in her room!!

    Evan will like your decorations as ours are scarce...

  6. Your home is absolutely beautiful Auntie Dee! I like the bed garland idea...I might steal that for next year!! I also LOVE the white lights!! So elegant and clean looking.

  7. Your CHIRSTmas decorations are just lovely. I really like the garland on your bed, now that's a fantabulous idea. Mind if I borrow that one?
    Love and Prayers,

  8. Looks so nice.. love that garland on the bed..

  9. Your home looks just beautiful! The tree is so full and I love the lighted garland on the piano! The cups hanging from the chandelier is sooo cute and the nativity looks just beautiful with that backlighting. You did a wonderful job decorating for Christmas!


  10. I have come to visit via Kimba's blog. Your decorations are lovely.
    I hope you'll visit soon. I am having a giveaway on Friday.


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