Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Photos

Last night we took our yearly Christmas photos.

This is one nice bunch, if I do say so myself...

This is my Mom and Dad. They are nice too!

Here are my darlings...and a few more photos to prove how hard it is to get a good shot with 6 kids, one of whom is a preschooler....

Aren't they the best looking kids? And sweet to boot! Oh, and most of the time good humored...Nate is away for a few days, he is the best man in his friends' wedding this weekend. He is kind of nervous about having to give the toast at the reception. We were all full of helpful "ideas" last night, poor guy! He will do fine.


  1. Very nice!

    I really could have stayed and been a part of all the fun!

    Actually, I should have offered to take some pictures for you...sorry.


  2. What wonderful family photos. You are blessed.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  3. They ARE good looking kids.

    Your family pic is very nice!

  4. What a beautiful family picture!

  5. You need our picture in there!!! hee hee!

    What nice pictures and your folks are nice!!!

  6. Aaaaah, what a splendid looking bunch! You do good work, momma!

  7. the pictures look great! I understand that getting pictures of children is so easy :) You have a beautiful family!


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