Sunday, December 14, 2008

The West Girls

We recently watched a candle making video by the lovely West ladies! Vickie West, and her daughters, Hannah, CeCe and Jasmine. They have made a set of videos for Franklin Springs Family Media, on candle making, soap making, and bread making. They live on a homestead, in an Amish community in Tennessee, called "Homestead Blessings." I think we are going to purchase this set, as we are desiring to help our girls learn all aspects of homemaking, including learning things that can benefit your family by making them yourself.

They also have made a few cd's of bluegrass style music. This is a video for one of their songs.

1 comment:

  1. My goodness,
    aren't they just fabulous. Months ago I had found them on the web and posted this same video on my blog too. I just knew that I loved them and wanted others to see it.
    I didn't know about their viedos. I really want them all now that I know about them. Thanks for the heads up on the videos. Ur the bomb!!!
    Love & Prayers,


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