Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Warm Pennsylvania Welcome!

The weather was cold and snowy, the traffic slow moving, the flight early but the luggage very delayed getting to the passengers, but the welcome was so very warm and loving!

Here are Kyle and Evan is their Anaheim Ducks jerseys!

I think the girls had subjected him to "Ace of Cakes". See how intently they all follow the cake making adventures of Duff and gang...

They couldn't get enough of Evan last night! I don't think he minded one bit!

He is staying warm and is receiving lots of love and attention, Miss Paula! More fun to come!


  1. Looks like Evan is well-loved.

    I enjoyed catching up on your blog today.

  2. Hey, he won't even let me touch his head Miss Sarah!!!

    Evan is having the time of his life!!!

    I love the pictures so keep taking them!!!

  3. Yep...sure does look like Evan is being taken care of..


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