Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY (Tuesday, December 30, 2009)...

Outside my window...
The sun is shining brightly, the sky blue, the wind is blowing and it is colder than it looks!

I am thinking...
That I need to get the kids moving to be ready for bowling this afternoon!

I am thankful for...
My family - God has blessed me so greatly.

From the learning rooms...
I am enjoying my knitting still - it is delightful to make things for my family to wear.

From the kitchen...
I have no idea what I will make for dinner yet - last night Lindsay and I made Chicken and Pasta Alfredo, Italian Bread and a large green salad.  It was yummy!

I am wearing...
A white t-shirt, navy blue Land's End knit skirt, and navy blue socks.

I am creating...
A knit hat with my circular bamboo needles.

I am going...
To take the kids bowling this afternoon.

I am reading...
Persuasion by Jane Austen

I am hoping...
For another year of good health for our family!

I am hearing...
My 6 year old sing along with her shuffle - she has headphones on! So cute!  The other girls and Evan are playing Uno Attack at the kitchen table!

Around the house...
We still have our Christmas things up, I may take a few things down later today...

One of my favorite things...
Having my nephew Evan visiting us - it has been really fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Tomorrow we are going to my parents for New Year's Eve and New Year's day, which is my daughter's birthday!
Friday I am going out with my husband for the whole day!  It is our 21st anniversary!  I can't wait!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


  1. You can tease Evan and tell him you are making "Chinese Hamburger" for dinner and really play it up!!!

    You need to take pictures of your projects and share them. I would love to see what you are making!!!

  2. Let's see now -

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Happy anniversary!

    Happy New Years!

    Whew, I think that covers it all, LOL.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! That is so exciting!! I hope you have a great day together!!

  4. Happy New Year!
    You all have a lot going on this time of the year don't you!?
    My hubby and I celebrated our 22 nd wedding anniversary on Dec. 13. I should post about it! It fell right after my youngest son's birthday and right before things really geared up for Christmas, so it kind of got lost in the shuffle. We did finally go out to eat this week though in clelbration of 22 wonderful year!

  5. Thank you all for you kind wishes!

    We do have alot going on - it makes it fun!

    Pam Happy Anniversary to you and your husband - 22 years! That is awesome!

  6. Happy New Year! You were all missed on New Year's Eve.

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day together!


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