A Girl With A Dream - Edited

Not sure why some can see the video and some can't.  I know on our computers I am no longer able to view videos on other blogs.  I thought perhaps it was due to having an adblocker on the computer but I am not sure.  I've reloaded the video so hopefully it will play now.
My Sarah is a delightful girl.  She's always been one for enjoying music, and literature, and movies.  She loves to sing.

But honestly, she is the one kid in the family that had a hard time keeping in tune.  This distressed her because she loves to sing and longs to sing well!

She also likes theater and though she has no experience (yet), would love to be a part of productions like they do at Sight and Sound.

Recently she started voice lessons with my friend Becky from Hospitality Lane.  Becky is a great supporter of dreams, and she has encouraged Sarah so much.

So a few weeks ago Sarah told me she'd be singing during the offering time at church.  Today was the day.  She sang Be Thou My Vision, which is a favorite of mine.

She did great.  Here is a portion of her singing.

 As her voice gets stronger she will have more boldness in her singing.  Becky has plans to work on expression and musical theater with her.  Sarah loves her weekly lessons.

I'm so thankful to see her gaining confidence and to be able to enjoy singing well! 


  1. I was soooo proud of her for doing this so soon! This is one brave and determined young lady. :-)

  2. i love how you speak so kindly about your children. :)
    unfortunately, the video (?) area is blank so i can't
    hear a sampling of your daughter's music. maybe it's just
    my computer..?

  3. The videos aren't loading on my blog either:( I have researched what is the problem but no reason given. Hope it gets fixed and I can hear her beautiful voice:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. I can't see the video either {techie stuff...ugh}, but I love that Sarah is following her dream of learning to sing!!

  5. I can see the video. Always can see yours. She sounds good. I have never heard of someone who sings off tune learning to sing on tune but I'm sure people do. Good for her! She sounds on tune to me now!

  6. Although I can't see the video. How wonderful. I love that song.

  7. No video on laptop nor iPad... Following a dream is a brave thing to do. I am sure that her tutor will help her with all those technical things like breathing and mouth shape, and things I know zip about. Some of us will have to wait until Glory to follow this dream. =D John caught me caterwauling again today!

    1. Oh she has a sweet voice. Very brave, too, to sing a solo at church.

  8. That's a favorite of mine too. :)
    I'm sure she did a beautiful job.
    The video's not working for me either but I'm on my kindle so maybe that's why.


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