Often Seen In My Decor

Legos of many kinds - here, there, and everywhere.

I'm old enough to know that this phase will pass sooner, rather than later,  and I'll miss the lego playing boy.  


  1. "Sooner, rather than later." So true. You and I have both lived long enough to see that those things are fleeting...but the memories that we build are not.

  2. My grandson had them All!
    He's now 16...the old Legos are no more.
    Enjoy it because time flies by...

  3. You will miss that Lego Playing Boy...may he have sons of his own that he can share the joy of building Legos with. When my son picked up his boys here yesterday after a couple of hours of play time, I told him that I had suggested a car scavenger hunt. I find cars tucked in the oddest places around here. I tend to leave them where they'll find them again.

  4. I love this!!! I totally get it. I have nerf guns and bullets as my daily d├ęcor. I even found them stuck in my Christmas Tree when I took it down. LoL!

  5. Save them for your grandchildren! They will be of interest at your house as they will be so different from what will be the current Lego styles at their age.


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