I won a puzzle from Vee, though she didn't tell anyone that she was doing one!  I simply guessed the closest to the amount of time it would take her to do her puzzle.  

She sent a Magic Cloth which I used on some windows today and they look great, and a sweet heart shaped pot holder.  She's a keeper as far as friends go!  She also has great hand writing!

I started the puzzle this afternoon.

I like to start with the edges first so I found all the flat pieces and grouped them.  

As I looked through the puzzle pieces, I put together any that look like they go together.

Rachel helped me for a while and then when Kayleigh arrived to pick up Kamryn, she got into it and we accomplished quite a bit.  I'm done for the day, but will work on it again tomorrow.

Not bad for a quiet Friday afternoon.

Thanks, Vee!


  1. Great progress! (You already know we've been puzzling at Gatescroft this winter.) Your plan - border first, etc. - is similar to ours. Trouble is, it leaves the hardest part till last! Still, that's how we've approached all but one of the 5 we will have finished in the past few months...

  2. Checked in last night just before bedtime and too tired to say...Wowzer! You guys work fast! I am truly amazed by how quickly this is coming together. It'll be back in the box by tomorrow or sooner at this rate. Now I am eager to know how the window washing is going...

    A pleasant weekend to you...

  3. Fun to see this on your table after "watching" Vee make it.

  4. I'm wondering how long it will take you, and helpers to do your puzzle? lol I find the round puzzles quite a novelty - good luck with it.

  5. You're going to have that puzzle completed in no time! Vee is a great friend and a generous soul!


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