In Winter, It's A Marshmallow World

This was the best kind of snow, as the roads were mostly just wet after they were plowed.  I took a young friend to work yesterday and once I got off my unplowed street, it was smooth sailing.  By time I got home, my street was plowed too.

We are left today with the beauty of this "marshmallow world."

Not much happening here at home.  Our days have an easy rhythm to them, which is nice after a very busy autumn and holiday season.

I watched a wonderful webcast last night.  It was a book launch for Sally Clarkson's new book, "The Life Giving Home."  More about that in the days to come.  I remember reading a book by Sally Clarkson many years ago, and feeling as if I found a kindred - someone who understood me, and my heart for my home and family.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. It does look like a marshmallow world! How beautiful!
    It is 48 degrees here in South Texas. I will look up Sally Clarkson- I don't think I have ever read anything by her.
    have a blessed Wednesday!

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  2. Such lovely photos of winter Deanna! Thank you for sharing your view!

  3. Very pretty snow! I am surprised that you received more.

  4. Beautiful!!

    We woke to a fresh snowfall too, but it is rapidly melting. Winter continues...

  5. That's so beautiful! I love snow coated trees.
    We haven't had any snow here in ages. I was going to post some pictures of Ethans birthday last month when had some snow and a heavy frost but that's the last time. It's mostly melted now what little was left is and super slippery.

  6. Oh for a snowfall like that! Beautiful! But at least it's frigidly cold here now.

  7. It's so beautiful! You guys got a lot more than we did.

  8. I am planning to get this book. I am very excited.

  9. So far, the snow has been missing us. I'm thankful since I spend many hours on the road between our home and my parents'. I DO miss the beauty of it though. I'm just beginning what I believe to be the most recent Jan Karon (Mitford series) book. I'm looking forward to reading it. Looking forward to the weekend and some rare time with our daughter and their family....♥

  10. We had enough to coat our trees and bushes as I'm singing the song!


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