What's On Your Bookcase?

Judy commented that she had been trying to read the titles of the books on my bookcase.  Do you do that, too?  I do!

I thought I would show you them up close and tell you about them.

On this shelf I have a Dickens, Jane Austen, Grace Livingston Hill, Elizabeth Goudge, Gladys Taber, and Bess Streeter Aldrich.
From left - Emilie Barnes books, a few Thomas Kinkade, The Scottish Crown series by Carol Umberger, The River of Time series by Lisa Tawn Bergren (YA fiction but my girls and I all enjoyed this series), a few other fiction.  A set of the first 12 Beatrix Potter books (purchased at our library used book store for $2.00 for the set), a stack of Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs, and more GLH.
The third shelf has various homeschooling, Christian living and parenting books, by Sally Clarkson, Susan Schaeffer MaCauley, Edith Schaeffer, Elisabeth Elliot, Emilie Barnes. Some Victoria magazines, Clarice Fox-Hughes second book 'Wishes Are Like...", other various books, and then my books on herbs, food, and natural health.
 Some homeschool books, more magazines, and some random books both fiction and non fiction, including several by Karen Andreola.

This is only one of our bookcases.  What books are on your shelves?


  1. It sounds like your bookshelves are pretty well organized. My husband is good at that. Our grandson was commenting on our bookcases so we went room to room to count and realized that one bedroom and the bathrooms are the only rooms without bookcases in our house. We need to pare down, but being married to a theologian makes that pretty hard! (and a civil war buff.) Your BP set of 12 for $2--that is an amazing find!

  2. Fun post. I do this, too, try to peer into the photographs to see what people are reading :) My bookshelves have waaaay too many cookbooks on them; a few classic novels (Dickens, Thackeray); some award-winning novels (Confederacy of Dunces); plenty of biographies (Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford -- I love the first ladies); books with homemaking tips (501 Amazing Uses for Salt, Vinegar, etc.) -- so many books I can't wait to get to. Thanks for satisfying our curiosity by posting your bookshelf holdings.

  3. I feel honored to be included on your bookshelf, Deanna. I'm in the middle of "The Rosemary Tree" by E. Goudge this month as well as L.M.Alcott's "Little Men." Both on my kindle. I so enjoyed D.E.Stevenson's "Celia's House" this winter. The British are into their heritage and houses, aren't they. I see it as "family devotion" with the usual imperfections, ups and downs, hopes and dreams, and hard work. I like the ending of "Celia's House" and thought, "This could be a film." As much as I like the light of my kindle on a winter's night, and have passed on so many books to our adult children, our bookshelves remain magically full. It's a blessing.

  4. You know my love for so many of those authors! Love seeing your bookshelves. Most (if not all) of my homeschooling books (including Karen's!) now reside with Stephanie.

  5. Thanks! I had been trying to read the titles too. :)

  6. What an amazing library right there! Reminds me of my sisters. Books are the most versatile decor item in my opinion.

  7. Goodness! That looks like my home! I am running out of places too, but that's a good thing. Never too many books or cups of tea!

  8. LOL.....A LOT of stuff. Being that I actually have 3 bookcases and they are all in the craft room, FULL of things I have collect to make crafts with.....just reminds me that I need to get busy!

  9. I DEFINITELY try to read the shelves! I think you can tell so much about people by the books on their shelves. You'd find many of the same on our shelves. Add in some by Henri Nouwen, Miss Read and Alexander Stoddard...to name a few.


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