These two are friends of mine.  Katie, on the left, I've known for about four years, and Jane, on the right, I've known for 28 years.  They became friends to each other when I seated them at the same table at Lindsay's wedding reception.

After church, the kids decided to hike in the afternoon, and then come back here for a campfire.  We picked up pizza and enjoyed getting to know a few 'new' kids, who came.  When I say kids I mean mostly teens and young adults but a few younger siblings too!

 After it got dark, a few more friends came by for the fire.

One of them always brings along his guitar, and plays.  I love to hear him sing and play.  

Our weekend was basically about friendship.  Checking out some work that friends need to have done on a building they are leasing, grabbing a treat with our guests, getting a call from our daughter that she'd locked her keys in her car.  Our rescue crew, picked up my dad, whose fire company has some extra tools for getting a car door open.  The girls were at a swing dancing event held every Saturday in our area.  Tim went inside after they'd gotten to door open, and he was gratified to have Sarah rush to come hug him and want him to stay and have a dance with her.  We are blessed with the friendships we have with our children as well as our friends who have become our family.

Did you have a lovely weekend?  What was your favorite part of the weekend? Let's chat in the comments.


  1. Friendships here, too. Thursday night, we took Dad to a 55+ picnic/outing in his (and our) former community. He and I returned there Saturday to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of his friends. Yesterday after church, we shared the dinner table at our local restaurant with 4 friends before coming home...

  2. My weekend was quiet mainly. My husband was out of town doing Prison Ministry. My kids had parties to go to that we in the neighborhood so I didn't have to actually go. I cleaned, grocery shopped, and then watched a movie.

  3. Deanna, I have problems with comments on your blog. I type and then it vanishes. You have gremlins! ;-) That fire photo looks like a flaming skull. Couldn't do that again if you tried!

  4. We had a weekend filled with friends and music, too! Lovely!

  5. I too have trouble with comments disappearing as I write. It must be some button I hit in error. It was a busy weekend--women's leadership meetings at church the whole weekend while guys here to move around 16 tons of dirt here at home followed by dinner with friends and some good sabbath rest following worship on Sunday.

  6. I love the photo of your kitchen/great room buzzing with life!! Good times because you provided a place for it to happen!!


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