Thursday, August 24, 2017

Home Keeping: Plate Wall

I've had various things on this wall over the years, including a poster of clan tartans, and a lovely watercolor of a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg, along with a few plates.

Recently, I decided to put plates, platters, and silver trays all over this wall above the love seat.

 Some plates are where they are because there were already holes there and some are purposely put there.  I didn't follow all conventional advice to lay it out carefully on the floor first. Its crazy, I know, but that's how I roll.  Just do it!

I may add more plates over time, or I may decide its horrible and take it all down.

I did have fun making a Waterlogue photo of it.

Do you ever get crazy ideas and just go with it?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love your plate wall, I have often wanted to do one of these but just couldn't find the courage! Thanks for the inspiration! Yes! I do!

  2. Looks good! And each one probably has a tale to tell.

  3. Yes, I DO get crazy ideas and go with them sometimes.....
    I'm a little less crazy when it comes to holes in the wall. Wish I had a bit of your craziness when it comes to this! ♥

  4. It looks great to me . . . lots of variety and interest!

    Do I ever "just do it"? Absolutely! Why not try it when you get an inspiration? You can always put it all back!

    Bekah and I rearranged the living room one day in early summer and it didn't work so we put it all back. But I couldn't get it out of my head because I loved the sofa on the other wall. A few weeks ago, we tried again and this time Kati was home too so we had a new set of eyes. This time it worked and we're loving it!

  5. Love the plate display:) I am always getting ideas of new ways to decorate, some work and some don't! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. I like it. And like you, I would just slap them up there and plan as I! I have many Pinterest "saves" of walls of plates. It looks like your walls are pretty close to the color of mine too. I doubt I will create a plate wall in our current home but am truly considering it in the future farmhouse. Love the waterlogue image!

  7. Beautiful display! We did a family photo wall a few years ago, and I confess to plotting it out on paper first.

    But there are other times when I "just do" something and most of the time it works!

    Love that rose-covered plate!

  8. Oh my goodness - I love your plate wall! Beautiful! It's fun to experiment with decorating isn't it??!!

  9. Yes, I DO!!! Get crazy ideas and go with them! I like your plate wall!! Unique and charming. This morning I stapled a black and orange fall table runner up over the 'fur down' above the bathtub in Louis Dean's bathroom. I have a green curtain in front of the shower liner and the runner has a green border. I like it! Never heard of anyone doing that before but I'm always up to trying something. Nothing's permanent and we can always take things down. I say - Keep it UP!!!

  10. "Do you ever get crazy ideas and just go with it? Let me know in the comments!"

    I replaced all the handles on our kitchen cabinets with river rocks. Some of them look like chewed gum from a distance... still an improvement over thiose handles.

  11. Yes, I do get crazy ideas. Back in the early 80's when I lived in Southern California I got this hairbrain idea that I wanted our master bedroom to have an Asian flair. So I bought a bedspread with a Japanese floral print, hung Japanese print on the wall, decorated with asian accents. The whole route. It was a good thing I bought everything on the cheap because after living with it for about 3 weeks I knew it was really a bad idea. I hated it and redid the whole thing. Your plate wall is fabulous. I love it! Not a crazy idea at all. xo

  12. It's fun to experiment with decorating isn't it??!!



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