The Weekend, Fellowship, and The Eclipse

We had a really nice weekend.  Friday evening we had an intense thunderstorm.  Lots of rain, too.  

Saturday was beautiful, and I worked on changing things on one of my livingroom walls.  I'll show you soon. I promise.

We had a fellowship meal at church today.  We were busy yesterday, and decided that we would order a pizza as our contribution to the meal.  Two other families did the same thing!  It was funny.  After the meal we had a congregational meeting, then several families came over to hang out and visit with Denny, who didn't make it to church today.

Tomorrow is eclipse day!  We didn't buy glasses but are going to use Tim's welding mask.  Its a special kind.  Kay is bringing the girls down, and my friend Jen is bringing her kids over.  What a great science project!

Lindsay and Joseph went down to Tennessee (where Emma and Vinnie are for the summer) to see the eclipse in totality!

NASA has a website set up for viewing the eclipse, too.  We are going to be looking at this site as well, as I really want to see it in totality!  You can find the link here.

I can't wait to hear about all your viewing experiences!  


  1. Looking online is the only way I'll see the eclipse. I am going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow and I plan to nibble and chat through the whole thing. (What kind of homeschool mom am I?!)

    So funny that three families brought pizza to your fellowship meal! Sounds like lots of people are having a busy end-of-summer. :)

  2. I am ready for the eclipse:) Those bouquets are beautiful! Flowers make me smile! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Love your hydrangea and the tiny bouquets in the window. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your living room wall!

  4. Love, love, love those little bottles with blooms in the window. Perfection. Dennis has some eclipse glasses. He'll probably watch the eclipse. I'll probably go to the NASA site. Have a great day!

  5. I think I'll watch online though it will be fun to see it get dark here. Then the traffic will get horrendous and viewers, especially a little further south of us head home on the interstate. Will certainly be a memory maker for all the kids. I still remember a big one from the 50s.

  6. I saw crescent shaped shadows, but didn't look through any lenses or filters. The pictures on line are amazing.


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