Happy Birthday, Kyle!

He's only 11 in this photo, but it's the nicest one I have of him.    He's at that age of goofy faces when you want a photo.  We'll have to remedy that!

He's growing up, and is turning into a fine young man.  He's fun, gives me hugs everyday, wrestles/tucks Tim into bed everynight, and is easy going in personality.  

Happy Birthday, Kyle!  The fun is going to be spread out over several days (which is becoming a tradition), including getting his own Minecraft account, mini golf, swimming, and in September Rachel is taking him and a friend to see the Lego Ninjago movie.

He'll be starting 7th grade next week.  Hard to believe we are down to 6 more years of school.  Incredible!


  1. Happy Birthday to Kyle! Hope that we get to see the new him now that he is 12. He's surely grown a lot since last year. Is he taller than you now?

  2. Happy Birthday to your Kyle! Sounds like wonderful ways to celebrate.

  3. happy birthday to your baby. What a great picture.

  4. Happy birthday to Kyle!! I'm sure he'll enjoy all of his celebrations!

    (I remember that goofy face stage. I am afraid that it lasts for quite a long time.) ;)


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