Summer Evening

Another beautiful day here today, a bit warmer, but still we've not needed the A/C.  

Kay brought Kamryn and Klaire down late this afternoon for Kamryn to have a riding lesson with Lindsay, so I got to have some time with Klaire.

Me and Klaire

She loves food! Klaire and Isla are almost 10 months old - in fact Isla is 10 months tomorrow and Klaire the next day!  Isla has begun to take steps and Klaire is cruising the furniture, so it won't be long before they are walking and running around!


Here are photos of Tim's new vehicle.

We really like it.  

The plan is to replace the front rotors and brakes on his van, and then we'll sell it.  We're also going to sell our old beater truck.  It would make a good farm truck or something like that.  They won't bring in much money, but we are looking to get them off our insurance, so we'll just be back down to my van, his work vehicle and Rachel's car. (she pays for her own insurance)

This is my week for lunch with friends.  I'm meeting another friend tomorrow!  We haven't seen each other for quite a while!  I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. Look at that Claire! She is so adorable! Hard to believe that she and Isla are nearing their first birthday. Grandbabies grow so fast.

    Congrats on the new work vehicle! It is encouraging to see how God answered that prayer.

    Enjoy your week with friends!

  2. What a darling video....precious! Hope you are enjoying the remainder of summer Deanna!

  3. Forget walking! Isla is ready to drive! So happy to learn about the new vehicle for Tim's work. God is good and always right on time. (Have to get to the PC to see the video.)

  4. Precious! PRECIOUS! Isla standing in the drivers seat is my favorite! Blink twice and she'll be driving!
    Great choice in vehicles! And, yes, getting the other two off your insurance will be nice!

  5. What a beautiful child - and how FAST they change and grow...
    Happy Tim's found a suitable vehicle. Hoping you find good homes for the extras.

  6. sweeeet!
    i love how you share life with 3 grand-girlies.
    the baby grands are too cute.
    pictures of the older grand-girlie in her
    horsey lessons?

  7. Isla is very advanced yo be driving a car at her age! ;-)


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