Our Trip To California, Part Three

The last two days involved driving.  On Sunday we drove to Lake Tahoe!  What an amazingly beautiful place.

 The kids all went into the lake and I enjoyed sitting and taking in the beautiful view. 

On Monday, our last day in California, Sherry drove us to Wright's Beach.  It was cool, foggy, and had a water temperature of 52 degrees!

These crazies, went into the water and Sherry and I played with Isla.  They also explored around a cave.

 Sarah got tumbled in a wave and was full of sand!

 I should have kept my hat on so I'd look as cute as Sherry does in this photo!  We had such a good time together.

The next morning we flew home on a very early flight.  I'm thankful for this time with my girls. We had a great week together.

I wish that I could live near all my blog friends!  What a blessing it would be to be able to visit and share our lives in person!

Until then, this blog will have to do!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What beautiful waters you enjoyed!
    Looks like you made the most of this opportunity. What fun!
    Our weekend holds many pleasures. Our little town is in the middle of festival. Parade this morning This afternoon we have a 50th Anniversary celebration to attend....tomorrow church services and fellowship. It's turned very cool here. I'm not complaining :)

  2. I've loved your California pictures, and especially this set. Tahoe is one of my favorite places. I'm overdue for a trip back!

  3. That scene on the grassy slope leading to the water looks cool and refreshing!


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