Things I'm Loving Right Now

These are things I'm loving right now 

My new Skechers from Costco.  Super comfy, slip on, can wear with pants, capris, and casual knit dresses.  Perfect for my everyday clothes.

I'm loving this man more and more every day.  This photo is from Sunday morning.

I'm loving these navy blue flats from Target online.  I ordered a pair to pick up at my local store.  They let me know that my local store didn't have any so they are shipping them to me free of charge.  Plus they are only $19.99! win win!

I don't have any navy shoes and yet I have a lot of navy in my wardrobe now.  

This is not a great photo but I love this sweet coat by Carter's.  It is lined in pink polar fleece.  Its a great price and the style and weight of the jacket is just right for Isla who is a southern babe.  She won't need a super warm jacket for winter, but this one will be just right for her.

I'm also loving this....

I'm loving that my daughter in law, Kayleigh is blogging!  Check it out here!  She's homeschooling Kamryn this year, too! 

So what things are you loving these days?

I have a book review due, and I'll try to get to that this week!  Our patient has recovered well enough to not be on pain meds now and so he went home to his apartment today.  He's pretty self sufficient and was no inconvenience to have here.  We are pleased that he has recovered so well!


  1. Those Skechers look comfy, I like that brand and have their walking shoes in gray and in navy.

  2. Looks like you have found some neat things to love. The shoes look so comfortable. Stores are getting more and more accommodating aren't they? I guess there is so much competition.

  3. Good for you (all those things to love)!
    We are blessed, aren't we? ♥

  4. I love Skechers and own four or five pairs in varying colors and styles. I have found great deals on them from time to time on Amazon.

  5. Cute shoes and so comfy looking! I do most of my shopping on I guess you could add that to the things I'm loving...LOL!

  6. I am always looking for comfy shoes that look great, these fit that for me, Thanks for sharing! Your love list also sounds like a very thankful list too! Best wishes to your DIL's for starting a blog! I am trying to get back to regular posting!
    Have a blest evening!

  7. I'm loving Aldis chocolate. Except I found out the hard way I must keep only their dark chocolates on hand because the milk chocolate disappeared within two days. Hmmmm... I buy their dark chocolate that has a kick of cayenne in it so it is impossible to eat too much at one time.

  8. i feel comfy shoes are big blessing if one has to walk lot, these looks great!

    who won't love this cute little angle .

  9. I have a pair of Danskin memory foam shoes that look similar to yours. I bought them at Wal-mart of all places. They were less than $15 and I love them. My feet are hard to fit and these are a wide width, which is doubly hard to find off the shelf. I should have bought two pair! The photo of your husband and the baby is precious.


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