Something To Bridge The Seasons

Our farmhouse table that Tim built years ago, is in need of some attention.  He is going to refinish the top, and use a different sealer for it.  In the meantime, I've been using tablecloths on it and I was looking for something not too fallish (I have those) and not too summery since we are nearly half way through August already!

Christmas Tree Shops came through for me again!  Its a perfectly nice plaid - just right for this in between the seasons time!  That along with a few Black Eyed Susan's from the garden, make a lovely late summer table.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. one day i'm gonna sit at that table for good conversation. and coffee. ;)

  2. Love your tablecloth - wish we had a Christmas Tree Shops around here - you find such awesome things there!

  3. Your tablecloth is just right. Love the flowers with it. Happy end-of-summer.

  4. Love that tablecloth, and the bouquet looks beautiful on it. We have several Christmas Tree Shops in our state, but they are all quite a drive away so I don't get there often at all. I'm an avid reader of their ads, however!

  5. I love your tablecloth, Denna. It's so perfect for late summer, and looks great with the black-eyes susans in that gorgeous white pitcher. Well done!

  6. Haven't heard of that shop (but then, I don't get "out" much....).
    It does look great (and so do your flowers)! I gotta get out and pick me some :)

  7. Stephanie has bought things there before. Especially when looking for unique inexpensive gifts.

  8. Great choice for late summer!!

    We loved Christmas Tree Shops when we visited Lancaster. If we had one nearby, I'd be there a lot. :)


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