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Friday, August 3, 2007

2 Years Old

My little guy is two today!

He is so dear. He is lively, energetic, happy, and talkative.

He likes airplanes, trucks, cars, well, anything with wheels! He also loves to kick and throw balls.

He loves his family and shows his excitement daily when each one gets up, and especially when daddy comes home from work.

His grandma and grandpa enjoy his happy "dama" and "papa" when he sees them. His "Aunt Pada and Uncle Wabert" and "Uncle Dan" enjoy him as well.

All children are a blessing, and we thank God for sending us this little man, to brighten our days and to teach us so much!

Happy Birthday, little blessing!


  1. Happy Birthday little one! Children are truly a blessing.


  2. Happy Birthday Kyle!!

    Love Aunt Paula


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