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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Luau Pictures

This is my dad and his brother. They used to be called Butch and Spike when they were boys. If you look closely, the lady in the blue shirt is me!

This is the gentleman who cooked the pig for the luau. They put it on at about 6:30 am.
A view from above of some of the men and boys at the luau.

I believe this was the line up for limbo!


  1. Wow, Bob and Bill almost could go for twins in that picture! Is that Tim doing the Limbo?? I hope it wasnt' a really hot day for you all.

  2. Oh and Uncle Bill looks thrilled in the picture! LOL

  3. It is not Tim doing the limbo. It was hot that day 93 degrees but by time of the luau the yard was in the shade and their was a breeze!

    So it was nice!

  4. Looks like a big, fun get together!



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