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Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Boy Kyle

I love this picture of Kyle - this was taken in February. I wanted to take a new picture but our camera is not working.
He has brought so much fun and laughter into our family - he has always been very verbal. At his 2 year check up they asked if he used 3 word sentences, on occasion. That surprised me very much. He hadn't used that few words for a long time!
Recently he said to me "Hey mom, I a man and a dude." This cracked me up. The girls said "who told you that?" His answer was "Nate, told me that."
Then we were driving in the car the other day, and Rachel was putting earrings in Sarah's ears. Kyle said "Mom, I want earrings." I said "why", his answer "cause I need them" This comes from being at home with 4 older sisters!
On Thursdays, when we go to co-op, he gets to spend the afternoon with his Grandma. He was eating a red pear last Thursday when Grandma got to our house. He said to her "Hey Grandma, my big pear is red." He is amazing to me.
Last night when we were playing Phase Ten, Kyle wanted his blanket wrapped around him. He then ran around saying "superhero to the rescue!" This cracked his grandparents up! They had never seen him do this!
You know, Tim and I won't be empty nesters for many years, and that is ok with us! We have so much fun!


  1. Very cute!! He needs earrings!! Too funny!!! Next he will want a moustache!!

  2. Yes, to be like his Uncle Robert!

    And maybe "chin worms" like Evan?

    hee hee

  3. Kyle is such a blessing to me when he greets me so cheerily at bowling.
    Love that boy!
    Becky K.

  4. I love watching them grow. And like you, my baby is very verbal. She is just 4, yet she sounds like my 6 year old. Her vocabulary is so high it amazes me everyday. I have to remind myself when she slips into a 4 year old melt down... "oh yeah, she is not 6... she is still 4 and things upset her still." Have fun with your little guy :)

    P.S. Tylor loves dress up shoes :) Boys really like the pretty sparklies that their sisters get :)

  5. NO.....please no chin worms!!!

  6. He is so cute! He talks so well!I've been wishing lately that we could see Kyle and Elijah together!

  7. Awww so cute Auntie Dee! I cant wait! Empty nest will come with time, kids are only little once! I love your outlook on this! Too many parents want their kids out! You are a great mom! Soak it all up!!!


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