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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Plans, Plans, Plans

These days seem to be filled with many plans.

We are in the early planning stages with my parents, to build an in law quarters addition on our cottage. We went to look at a large home the other night, one with lots of bedrooms and some acreage for the horses, but it was not a good layout for what we need. It is fun to look and to see what others have done. Any building would not happen until next year, but it is good to start the process and to think about how to do it. Our home is R1 so we are only able to have one kitchen. This means we need to enlarge the existing kitchen, and we probably will add a great room on. They will have their own space, including a living room were they can go to escape the grandkids, but we do need a space to hang out together, like we do on Sundays etc....We also do not have a garage here so that will be part of the addition.

Other plans are more immediate. We are going to be repainting the girls bathroom and getting some new bedding, for spring and summer. The girls love bright colors and we have lots of white furniture so it will look smashing! We were inspired by this picture in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

Isn't it fresh and cute? The girls wall will not be this color, we are leaving the color they have which is an aqua color. Their bathroom though will be painted perhaps a variation of this wall color for the shower and commode room and they are talking a lime green type color for the sink and tub section of their bathroom.

We will be looking for some colorful bedding and clearing out clutter etc....

I am excited about this project - do you know what it is like to get 4 girls ages 16, 14, almost 9 and almost 6 to agree on this type of thing????? :)

The rest of the "plans" discussions have been about the kids education for next year. What do we want to study for history, science, foreign language? What co-op classes will they take? We go to our convention Mother's Day weekend and that is where we will make our purchases.

I love to make plans and see them come to be. I like to be reminded too, of what Jeremiah 29:11 says; "For I know the plans I have for you, plans of peace and not of evil, plans to give you a future and a hope."


  1. Target has a colorful comforter on sale this week! Also this site has bedding I would like, check this out

    I am wanting my old room back and new colors like your girls, bright!! Robert said you should come out and help me!!

    Are you looking to move or add on?

  2. Wow this sounds so great and fun!! I love pottery barn, they have such cute ideas!! You will have to take pics when all is said and done and keep us updated! Sounds like you and I will have lots of painting to do!!

    I also love that verse as well, I live by it and God sure does know the plan of each of our lives, its so great when we let HIM do all the work!! It always works out best~!

    I am interested if you are moving or adding on too???

  3. Either way you work it out, move or add on... to have your parents close it will be a blessing to both family units.

    I think it is very Biblical to do this too.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

    It never hurts that you'll get to plan, decorate and get a garage,

    Becky K.

  4. Paula, I would love to come help you! It would be awesome!

    At this point we are planning to add on. It better cost wise and we can get the layout that we want.

    The house we looked at was in a lovely setting, it was 1 minute from my home, had a lovely kitchen, 7 bedrooms 3 full baths. It is just that it was spread out over 3 floors and the basement so 4 levels, and it didn't give mom and dad any private space other than a bedroom. They could have taken the basement, which is a daylight basement and the light and view was lovely. BUT, they would have had to make modifications to it and the bathroom on that level, and with the cost of the property it just wasn't very cost effective. Whew.

    We have plenty of room here, and we like it here.

    While we will be working on the plans for this, they are thinking that they will wait until after their 50th anniversary next summer.

  5. I am excited for you! The girl's room sounds like it will be great! And for me, I love planning out Homeschooling! Have fun with it :)


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