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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Emily's Birthday

One of our favorite shows is Food Networks "Ace of Cakes". It follows amazing cake decorators in a shop called "Charm City Cakes" in Baltimore.

For Emily's bday we decided to try to make a cake using fondant and other such techniques.

We originally were going to make a shoe cake, but the cake we uses was too moist and crummy (great for eating,terrible for designing). So we made a normal cake and then Rachel and Lindsay made "shoes and purses" out of fondant for the top. We had fun with the colors, after all Emily was turning 14! By the way, Duff and Company have nothing to worry about from us!

Emily got a Cranium game from her favorite cousin Evan!
We also ate yummy pizza!

Happy Birthday Emily!


  1. Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. How cute the cake is. Did you get a shot of the top?? I would like to see that!!!

    We played Cranium on Easter!! We like it! Maybe the kids can all play in August!!

    I looks like there are some pizza slices left for me!!!

  3. What a pretty cake! I would like to see a picture of the top as well!
    Happy Birthday Emily!
    Those easter pictures were great!

  4. Happy Birthday pretty girl! Looks like you all had a fun time! That cake is just too cute!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Good job on the cake! Pizza Yummmmm (:Crystal:)


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